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By StaryChemik
We have international guests here - so I guess it would be nice to start a special thread in English.

Wątek tylko w języku angielskim - posty po polsku będą usuwane - Stary Chemik.
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By mkk
I thank you too. I will try to be here, in this topic, tomorrow day. Goodbye :)
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By scob
OK dear Hamster*. Just a little 'but'..
Are you absolutely sure that this forum has enough English-writing people, to keep this topic alive?
Or, maybe, You mean: 'International English' - as 'polglish', spanglish etc..? ;-)

* - Polish 'Chemik'/chemicist is similar in pronunciation to 'chomik'/hamster. The visual similarity has absolutely nothing in common.. ;-)
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By Tusia

"To: UK Prime Minister
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to: 'ensure that electronic cigarette products and their use is regulated appropriately for recreational purposes rather than seek to define vaping as smoking, tobacco use or medical therapy... "

http://www.petitiononline.com/vaping/pe ... rans/en/pl
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By Shadow
scob I think that we'll find some english writing/speking peoples here ;) (show me someone that doesn't/didn't have sth i common with EN)
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