By joyesmoking
Hello you all,

Greetings form JoyeLife Co.

I'm a new of this great forum,

Can anyone tell me please where can I wrote or whom should I contact if I want to introduce some new items of our company here?

Thanks for your help.

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By saradonin
Hello, PM someone from the staff to get the supplier status and further info.
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By krakry1
Hi and welcome to the forum. :mrgreen:
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By rocq
Welcome on our forum :)

Here U can create your own subject:
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By roscislaw
Nie wiecie czy 'przewlekła obturacyjna choroba płuc' to po angielsku "chronic obstructive pulmonary disease"? Tak tłumaczy translator...
By potalecig
POTALE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. was founded in 2008 and is located in Buji District, Shenzhen City in China. Since then, the same vision of it attracts a stream of developing, producing and marketing elite with full of experience, creativity. With constant efforts, POTALE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. possesses 30,000 square meters.

What is more, POTALE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. possesses professionals with more than 15 years experience in the sector of Electronics, Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Operations. We have high standards of quality management system and modernization of production environment, our services and strong belief could make a difference. Our knowledge and professionalism towards the industry are recognized all over the world.

Today we have a group of 300 experienced employees to assist and perform their best for the production process supported by advanced electronic technology and equipment, ensuring the quality of products in full compliance with international standards.

POTALE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. consists of developing and research department, Management department, Administration department, Accounting department, Material supplying Department, Manufacturing department, Quality Control department, , International Trade Department, Marketing department, Shipping department. Different department takes different responsibility in order to make one-stop manufacturing go smooth and satisfy all customers.

Developing and research department, including cosmetic designers, mechanical designers, structure designers, function engineers, etc is obliged to create the new products —- atomizers, batteries, APV products, E-pipes and etc. POTALE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is one of the few electronic cigarette wholesale suppliers to develop both our own PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) and in-house Contact switches for each of our products, also produce atomizer with various resistance and rechargeable battery with various voltages. Thus, the newest products have been applied patents in order to avoid copying by others.

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By Mick82dub
Hi all. Just wondering is any of brothers from Ireland here? I know is many of us in here. In my current job we have a small coalition one POL one IRE whos vaping. I know is many many more of Irish vapers but looks like that at the moment they are very shy. Why? Don't know.... Shoping mall's in my area are full of ego stuff. More of us are buying online, and I wish to get more Irish to be more aware that prices in malls are sky high than web. Imagine liquid 10 ml for 8 euro. If I see someone vaping in my store I'm always asking how much she/he paid for equipment and usual price is 40Eur for 650mah and old type CE4. It's disgrace:(

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