By van
Hello, i am from a electronic cigarette factory in China. After reading the forum, i registered it quickly. i share all of friends in Poland in electronic cigarette business or experience.
we are a main e-cigarette manufacturer and exporter in China, which was established in 2004. we supply disposable e-cigarette and rechargeable e-cigarette to the all over the world. What's more,. we win great reputation from the customers abroad and home.
Because of the experienced R&D engineers and advanced equipments, our products are competitive in price and excellent in quality.
If all of friends in the forum have interest in our products or interest in becoming our distributor, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Best regards
Van He
Phone: 86-20-61153652
By van
Hi , adminstrator,
what happens to my account on the forum? just only have one topic left.
what should i do if i keep my words on the forum?
please let me know what i should do if i continue keeping my words obvious on the forum.

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By głos
Hello Lily Welcome! I'm sure everyone here will be happy to know what u have to offer, but before u start to sale anything on this Forum, please read our rules here: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=9735
Any on-line translator translates this beautifully to English. Specially the part Dostawcy Sprzedawcy (Suppliers Sellers)
If u have any problems feel free to ask :)

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